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All good things come to an end eventually, and it can be hard to think that websites can get old, but they do. Having an up-to-date and functional website is ideal for any business. We all know that keeping our computers and phones updated for the best experience is important; however, updating websites can be easily overlooked. Here are a few signs that your website may need a redesign for the benefit of your business and your customers.

Your Website Has Slow Loading Pages

A slow-loading web page is one of the key indicators of an old and outdated website. Long loading times can affect your website and your website’s ability to help your business gain customers. When information is delayed by any number of seconds or minutes, customers can become frustrated and choose to go to your competitor’s website instead. No one wants to lose money to a competitor. If your website is slow, or you notice that your website is loading slower than usual, seek help so that your website can get back to helping your business grow!

Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a lot of online traffic. Consider redesigning your website for mobile to help you reach more potential customers and clients. 

Your Website Is Hard to Navigate

Hard-to-navigate websites could lead to your customers experiencing confusion and frustration. Such poor user experience could lead to distrust, making your business lose customers and money. Redesigning your website will help you organize and place needed information where customers can easily access them and navigate your website. 

Your Website No Longer Reflects Your Brand

Your brand might have changed over the years you have been in business, which is okay. If you have made changes, be sure to redesign a website that reflects your current brand so that customers can easily recognize your business. 

Learn how to use a style guide to help you apply your brand to different platforms here

How often Should I Update My Website?

 It is recommended that you should not wait more than three years to update your website. A lot can happen in a year or two; your website can age, your brand could change, or any of the above. Keeping your website up to date is a worthwhile investment, as it ensures that your website continues to bring your business customers and profit. 

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