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AI-Generated Content and SEO

With the rapid development in artificial intelligence, it is safe to assume that many people will be using this technology to generate content in essays, assignments, and on websites. A few years ago, Google and other search engines chose to reward high-quality, reliable content in their ranking system. This means that the website will perform […]

Does Your Website Utilize Search Engine Optimization?

Updated 10/13/2023 Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of gaining site traffic. When users look for something on a search engine, there are many things that are done in order to rank website results. When developing and posting content on a website, keywords, metadata, backlinks, and interface design are all important factors in […]

Measuring Return on Investment

Measuring return on investment can be a difficult task. With digital marketing and online sales, this task can be simplified. With analytic data and existing website infrastructure, it’s easy to keep track of ROI for advertisements, web hosting, and more. For example, if you spend $1,000 on advertising and sell $10,000 worth of products from […]

Analytic Data and its Uses

In today’s world, every decision is fueled by data. From choosing your next car to expanding your business into new territory, without the right data every decision would be a toss-up. In the web industry, this data is much easier to collect and is often used to monitor traffic, gather demographic information, and determine if […]

Digital Marketing

From billboards and advertisements on television to promotional flyers and handouts, marketing is an essential part of business and can be found all around us. Many think of marketing as a daunting task with little return, but technology can make it simple and if done properly, digital marketing can help businesses expand and reach their […]

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