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Mobile-First Design

In our experience, around 60 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices. This statistic is much different than it was a few years ago, and it’s important to keep up with what devices are bringing the most traffic. With the majority of visitors using mobile devices, it’s crucial to design sites with a mobile-first […]

Analytic Data and its Uses

In today’s world, every decision is fueled by data. From choosing your next car to expanding your business into new territory, without the right data every decision would be a toss-up. In the web industry, this data is much easier to collect and is often used to monitor traffic, gather demographic information, and determine if […]

Gold Center Online Website Launch

We are happy to announce the launch of goldcenteronline.com. Gold Center and Jewel Time specialize in high quality, long lasting jewelry. You can find them inside of the Valdosta Mall or contact them through their website.

Increase Customer Outreach and Engagement Through a Mobile App

Just as opening multiple store locations can make your product more accessible to potential customers, providing your service on multiple digital platforms can do the same. Websites are undoubtedly the easiest way to provide your customers with access to your service, but providing them with an app can help your business stand out.   With […]

  Which Is Better: Social Media or Email Marketing?  

As you may know, social media marketing definitely has its pros, such as its low cost and extensive reachability but have you considered the benefits of email marketing? Email marketing is also a low-cost marketing tool that can be used to improve your marketing efforts.

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