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Updated 10/13/2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of gaining site traffic. When users look for something on a search engine, there are many things that are done in order to rank website results. When developing and posting content on a website, keywords, metadata, backlinks, and interface design are all important factors in ranking websites.



Keyword targeting involves using popular keywords in your industry in the website’s content. These keywords can be utilized within your website and news article and/or original content produced by your web services team or yourself. For example, keywords that could be used in the real estate industry could include: 

  • Homes for sale [city]
  • Best realtors near [city]
  • Home buying tips [city]


Metadata is the underlying data used to describe your pages. Some examples include the site title, description, image information and other critical information. 

A diagram of the metadata represented in a Google search. 

Working within the metadata can be tricky for small business owners who may know the ins and outs of their website system. Working with a web services team that knows how to deliver these items is important. Having the important metadata on a website is crucial for getting to the top of the searches. 


Backlinks are simply links that direct to your website from other sites. Getting backlinks can be as simple as linking your website on social media pages or linking to original content within other parts of the website. Providing consistent content can also open doors to other websites using your content as a source for their own material. Websites are all about the time and energy you and/or your team puts into it!

Website Interface

A website’s interface is the part that users interact with the most. Properly designing this for mobile and desktop can make it more user-friendly which can in turn bring more users to the website. If the website is more popular, this can help send your website to the top of the search engine searches. 


Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) as a small business owner can be a confusing task. Work with a team like Spyderserve that knows how to set up your website for success. Contact us for more information on SEO and our other services today! 


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