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When it comes to business, we all want our clients and customers to have the best and nothing less. Other than quality service and great products, it is also important to have the best quality services and equipment to run your business. As you may know, meeting your customers where they are with the help of a website comes with the need to have a web hosting service that will support and function the way you need it to for the benefit of your customers and the reputation of your business. Slow-loading websites leave a damaging impression on those who view your website. As a result, you could lose money and business. 

However, intimidating this news may seem, if your website is known to be slow or the hosting fees come out to be too expensive, there is still hope for you.  It is possible to have the best website hosting service you need at a reasonable price. Consider these three factors to help you determine which web hosting service fits your business needs.

  • Speed

  • Security

  • Support

As you research, at first glance, the cheaper versions of what you think you need may or may not fit all that you need in a service. It is easy to consider cost first, but weighing the speed, security, and support along with the cost is sure to help you find just what you need. 

  • Speed

As mentioned before, the speed of your website matters and directly affects your business in several ways. Patience is hard to come by in today’s world of instant information. When a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, viewers tend to give up and leave the site altogether, resulting in lost customers, business, and a lowered reputation. If your website is known for being slow, the word will surely travel fast, and your website could earn the reputation of being unreliable.

  • Security

When it comes to holding card information or other sensitive data, security is paramount. Secured servers save you and your customers or clients from the heartache of your website causing unwanted malware and viruses. Along with security comes a plethora of options that will make sure your data is under lock and key safely: server updates to protect against those malicious attacks; Server backups to store information regularly to ensure security in the case of something going wrong with your website; and more. 

  • Support

Having a reliable team on your side to help you with the issues that arise can be helpful. Not all website hosting companies provide the same quality of support. The more expensive services usually have the faster and more responsive version of technical support, while the cheaper versions tend to take a bit longer.


Other Helpful Factors to Consider

  • Website Migration

 Website migration is the process of moving your website from one hosting provider to another. When a web hosting company provides free website migration services, that is a big plus for you as you make a smooth transition with no cost to you.

  • Website Management

Take advantage of the benefit of having your website not only hosted but taken well care of. Website management allows for constant fixes, checkups, and updates to make sure your website steers clear of issues such as running slow, shutting down, and more. 

As you research, you may come across a few promising web hosting providers that fit your business needs, however, if you have trouble in your research there is an option where you can truly get the best and nothing less! Spyderserve offers web hosting services for businesses large and small, providing quality service on a budget you can afford. As one of our customers, our team will make sure you get the best website hosting experience to help your website thrive and your business grow. For more information about our services, check out our services page or give us a call at (229)269-4108.


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