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Running a business is a lot of work and can take quite a bit of money to get the ball rolling. If you have thought about having a website for your business, finding out what all goes into getting the website up and running may seem a bit costly. For most of us as small business owners, finding ways to get quality services and resources to help run your business without breaking the bank is an ideal goal. When it comes to having a website, it is not unusual to want the best look, feel, and function of your website, although it is not always necessary to pay top dollar for the fear of missing out on the quality of service you are looking for. 

One of the aspects of having a website that you may have looked into is a website hosting service. There are, of course, expensive services and cheap or less-expensive options available. Below you will find how they compare and contrast to help you achieve your goal of finding affordable and quality services to help run your business. 

The Comparison


  • One of the largest differences between cheap and expensive website hosting is, of course, the cost. The term “cheap” may have a negative connotation to most people. Because of this negative view of the term, it is easy to think that you are limited to less advanced and functional features compared to the more expensive web hosting services.
  • Cheap web hosting services only offer the basic functionality of a website. The more expensive services are likely to include advanced bandwidth that can hold unlimited amounts of data and files. 
  • Both options provide customer support but vary in the timing of their response to your issue. More expensive website hosting services include fast customer and technical support, while cheaper options may take longer to respond to or handle your requests. 


If you find the need to look into the more expensive web hosting services for your website, there is still another option available for you! Spyderserve has web hosting services that fit your budget, meaning that you won’t have to forfeit quality web hosting services for the sake of cost. Spyderserve aims to help small businesses like yours grow and succeed in the world of business by making web technologies and marketing concepts available to you on your budget!

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