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It is easy to get lost in the excitement of the oo’s and ahh’s of anything new. Unfortunately, new items like a car, for example, that is new and working great do eventually need a few tune-ups to withstand the tests of time. Much like cars, websites do not stay new forever. Over time websites need a few tune-ups every now and again with routine maintenance.


What kinds of Maintenance Does a Website Need?

Security Maintenance

Most people these days have websites as an extension of their business, or they run their business completely online. However, your business is run, you want to protect both your’s and your customer’s information from being hacked. This is why security checks are so important. With routine security checks, trained professionals will keep an eye out for unwanted guests so that you can run your business without the fear of someone or something causing trouble.

Link & Content Maintenance

As stated before, all things new do not stay new forever. In our ever-changing world, relevant information can become irrelevant fast. To keep your customers engaged in what you have to offer, update your website with fresh content and checked links to do the trick. 

Broken links are links that lead to nowhere. If you have ever clicked on a link and your screen showed you the “page not found” message instead of the destination you were hoping to arrive to, you can imagine the frustration customers and clients may feel when they are wanting to do business with you but have a broken link hindering their progress.


What Are the Benefits?

With routine website maintenance, your website will have software updates and other checkups that will keep your online business or business website running smoothly. 

Stay Clear of Hackers

Hackers often target vulnerable spots in the codes of websites that allow them access to important and sensitive information. Updates and routine security checks will protect your website from viruses and hackers, helping you focus on your business without the fears and stressors of unwanted activity.

Keep Customers Engaged

Update your website with new content to share with your clients and customers. Nothing is more enticing than new information. We all want to learn something new, so why not inform your customers and clients with fresh content to keep them coming back to your website for the latest scoop? 

Rise In the Ranks

Search engines like Google prefer websites that have relevant content. With search engine optimized content your website will gain the attention of search engines. The higher your website ranks, the more visibility your website will have. Increasing your visibility means that Google or other search engines will be more likely to recommend your website when potential customers search for terms relevant to your business. It takes time to see your website rise in the rankings, but the benefits of working towards making it on the first page of Google are worth it. 

Improve Customer Experience

When clicking on a link to a website, it is normal to expect that you will be able to get the information that you need or be able to make a transaction without any problems. This is known as customer experience. From one interaction alone, customers can decide if they will continue interacting with your business or click off to never return. Poor customer experiences cost businesses money. To avoid the hassle and frustration of lost customers and disappointed online visitors, routine maintenance is ideal. 


Routine website maintenance saves business owners like yourself time and stress. Running a small business can be a lot at times, and the last thing you probably want to do is stress over what is going on with your business’s website. To help make things a little easier, Spyderserve has website services that come with all the checkups and routine maintenance you need for your website to run smoothly through all the tests of time. To learn more about our web services, visit our services page or give us a call at (229) 269- 4108!

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