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Whether you notice or not, customers value what other customers have to say about your business. To many customers, trusting the opinion of strangers who have had an interaction with your business is more important to them than just going out on a limb and trusting your word. With that said, if your customers are not happy, you could likely lose a lot of money and business just off of reviews alone. On the other hand, with good reviews, your business will gain more customers and attention from the public. 

Customers have a voice when they leave reviews. When you listen to what they have to say, that can help your business in ways that could save and earn you money and the trust of the public, including free advertising and more!

Statistics show that about 90% of customers look up reviews before making a purchase.

As mentioned before, the reviews and comments from past customers matter to future customers. Opinions good or bad can determine if they trust doing business with you or not.

Google Reviews Affect SEO

If you are wanting to increase your website’s visibility to customers, you may want to start with those negative reviews. Google pays attention to those reviews to determine the public’s trust in your business. The more positive reviews a business receives, the more Google will make it visible when similar products or services are searched. If Google has an eye out for the voice of your customers, you should too.

Reviews Affect Credibility

If more than one person is having similar negative reviews and experiences, it is time for you to act. Negative reviews affect your business’s credibility making it hard for potential customers to trust doing business with you in the future. 

The voices of our customers matter and should matter to you. Take notice of what they have to say by taking action on fixing what is broken and keeping what is working for you and your customers. Make your business thrive by meeting the needs of your customers. Spyderserve aims to help your business grow through an online presence. If you have yet to have a website or would like to learn more about how you can receive Google reviews for your business, visit our services page.


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