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 As you may know, it is shopping season! Time to buy Christmas gifts and go shopping for the best holiday deals. As you are bombarded with ads and promotions this time of the year, have you thought about how your business can join other businesses in attracting buyers near and far? 

Don’t you want your business to benefit from this spike in demand from shoppers like you? Even if this idea has yet to cross your mind, there are several ways your business can join in the shopping frenzy of the holiday season, earning you profit and allowing for your business to grow!


Establish Your Online Presence

Building an online presence increases your visibility to your potential customers. Apart from doing business with only those in your community, having a website would open the doors of your business to people both near and far. Imagine how much more profit you can make if more people knew about your business! 


Create a Google My Business Listing

 Google My Business (GMB) suggests your business to viewers on the first page when searching for products or services. Nothing shouts opportunity more than being on the first page of Google! GMB also has a Google Maps feature, adding your location to Google searches. Google Maps gives direction and information about your business to help potential customers navigate their way to you.


Make a Blog

It’s all about content! Draw in viewers and potential customers with content that they care about. Creating consistent content will all the more show them that your business has what they need. The SEO (search engine optimization) aspect of creating captivating content can also improve your website’s ranking on search engines such as Google. Show off what your business can do with helpful and insightful content!


Use Social Media

Social Media is our modern-day billboard. Let the world know that your business is something they need through social media. Boost your created blog posts to gain more attention and traffic to your website or post updates about your business.


Promoting your business in these ways is cost-effective and a great way to grow your business into all you know it is supposed to be. With the help of these avenues to promote your business, small businesses can reap the benefits that larger businesses receive, especially this time of the year. Spyderserve knows how hard it can be to run a small business with limited resources. This is why we offer you the tools you need to help you grow your business through establishing your online presence on a budget you can afford! 


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