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There are plenty of MLS plugins available that you can “easily” install on your website. In reality though, it takes a lot more than an installation to have a website run efficiently. So, what can we do differently? The difference between the plugins and Spyderserve is that we can give you a personalized website that helps generate more leads.

Spyderserve Web Services provides inhouse website design and development for real estate agents and companies of any size, budget, and need. We also provide website maintenance and marketing services for your website's MLS features.

Our MLS service can handle your listings and customize your website for your needs. With lead generation and management features, you can simply manage your leads and deliver them to agents and easily communicate with clients. Leads can also be filtered into existing content management systems like, kvCORE. A tracking system can also be implemented so agents can see what their client was looking at on the website before contacting about a specific property.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database that provides information about properties for sale to homebuyers and sellers. MLS is a way to connect individuals in different cities, or regions to a real estate agent that can help.

As part of our turnkey services, your website can continue maintenance to ensure it is up to date. Whether it’s your company as a whole or individual agent websites, we can help you with the data and analytics you need to run a successful real estate agency. We will provide you with a responsive website for the user experience and continue maintenance as time goes on. Our team will work with you to market your listings and website, make search engine optimization (SEO) a priority, and keep ideas fresh and coming!

How does this differ from other MLS-based websites and plugins?

With us, it doesn’t just stop at installing a plugin and letting it “work its magic.” We take the time to make personalization of your website a priority. Personalized websites make it easier for clients to recognize and remember who you are. Not only can clients recognize you, but your website needs to have the look that you are trying to communicate. If the type of listings you want to push are more modern homes, we will design for a modern look. The look communicates who you are as a business.

You can decide everything from how much information you want listed on the website to how many listing websites you want (some companies have one per agent). We also have the capabilities to include virtual and 3D tours of the listing on your website! Personalization is key in your lead generation!

Why SEO matters!

Your search engine optimization (SEO) also plays a large role in lead generation. In an overall perspective, SEO is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant searches. SEO gets much more in depth than that. Understanding the role SEO plays in your listings is important. In reality, real estate listings are great for SEO. There is a multitude of information that is put into a listing, city name, local address, pictures with descriptions, zip codes, and more! All of the valuable information feeds into Google, providing better, localized results in a person's search.

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The best thing you can do for your real estate agency is collaborate with a team that will help build your agency up, from all angles. You already know the listings, we know the technology! From our first steps in development to the final, and continuous, steps of marketing and SEO, Spyderserve is there to help with all of your needs.

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