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The other day I found an old Olympus VN-480PC Digital Voice Recorder and thought that it could be useful.  The first thing I did was put some new batteries in it and connect it to my desktop (running Ubuntu 12.4).  Nothing…!  A quick Google and I found this page and installed the software from the odvr project located here and all was well.  Here are the steps that I took:

  1. Download and install the software from odvr project (I installed the 64bit deb file).
  2. Plugged in the DVR and switched Hold off (turned on the device).
  3. I then opened the cli and typed: sudo odvr
  4. I got “Model VN-480PC” which told me that the device was connected.
  5. Then I typed: sudo odvr -e to download all the files as .wav to my home directory.
  6. nice! now I just typed: sudo odvr -c to remove all the audio files from the device and I was done.

You can get a few other commands by typing in sudo odvr -h.

Usage: odvr [options]
-= Options =-
-h : This help.
-v : Print version.
-d <folder> : Download all files in <folder>.
-e : Download everything.
-l : List all files.
-x <folder> : Delete all recordings in <folder>.
-c : Delete all recordings.
-y : “yes” to all yes/no questions.
-r : Reset the DVR. This may fix some sync issues.
-D : Enable debug tracing.

Source: http://www.piotrkrzyzek.com/olympus-vn-480pc-working-in-linux-odvr/

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