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To install the php-mbstring on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 you have to add a new software channel to the system through the Red Hat Customer portal.

1. Log into RHN via rhn.redhat.com

2. Navigate to Subscription->RHN Classic->Registered Systems

3. Select the desired system from your list

4. Navigate to Software->Software Channels

5. Check the box next to RHEL Server Optional

6. Click on Change Subscriptions Button

7. Now, log into your systems cli and perform the following steps.

8. Synchronize the system’s profile

sudo rhn-profile-sync

9. Perform an update to yum

sudo yum update

10. Now install the php-mbstring package

sudo yum install php-mbstring

11. Restart apache

sudo service httpd restart

All Done!

Source: http://www.sysarchitects.com/php_mbstring_on_rhel6
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