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After increasing the upload file size in PHP I noticed I was still getting errors when I tried to upload something larger than 30MB.  Turns out, IIS has a limit of 30MB so anything that is uploaded larger than that will result in a 404 error.  To increase this limit for just a single hosted site the steps are:

  1. Open up Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Click on the site that needs to be edited
  3. Then click on the Configuration Editor
  4. In the Section Dropdown navigate to the following: system.webServer->security->requestFiltering
  5. Expand the requestLimits section and edit the maxAllowedContentLength (in bytes)
  6. Once configured click on the Apply button under actions
  7. Done!

Source: http://www.webtrenches.com/post.cfm/iis7-file-upload-size-limits

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