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After setting up the Social Networks Auto-Poster on your blog it is easy to create a post on your website and have it auto-post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts automatically.  By default, Spyderserve will setup your website to post an image, the articles title, excerpt, and the link to the post on your website.  In this way, you will be able to catch the Facebook users eye, introduce them to your new content, and then pull them over to your website so they become your visitor instead of Facebook’s.

Steps To Take

  • Navigate to your sites administrative portal backend at [your web address]/wp-admin (ex. https://www.spyderserve.com/wp-admin).
    Spyderserve WordPress Login Page
  • Login using your credentials.
  • Click on Posts and Add New.
    Spyderserve WordPress Add New Post Menu
  • Create a post title.
    Spyderserve WordPress Title Bar
  • Compose your post content.
    Spyderserve WordPress Content Area
  • Create a catchy excerpt paragraph for your post.
    Spyderserve WordPress Excerpt Area
  • Add a Featured Image that is designed to grab the attention of the user.
    Spyderserve WordPress Featured Image Area
  • Take a quick look at the Social Auto-poster Settings.  These settings can be modified but default to the settings stated above or any settings customized for your site.
    Spyderserve WordPress Social Auto-Poster Settings
  • Select the appropriate category and tags.  Depending on the feed that you are composing content for and the settings setup on your site this step could be very important.  Ask your Spyderserve Representative on what to use for these settings if you are in doubt.
  • Once you are happy with the content, click publish.
    Spyderserve WordPress Publish Area
  • Now that your post has been published to your site, you will notice a published update on any social network accounts that have been setup.


  • NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster installation and setup
  • Access to Facebook Developer Account
  • Access to desired Facebook Page
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