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A good website is an organized website. Having a strong structure of organization makes the usability and readability of the site more intact. By providing your customer with a site that they can navigate, your website will have the ability to function to great limits.

All good websites focus on the foundations of: 

  • Purpose. When thinking of pages for your website, the creator must come into the eyes of the consumer. What information would you like to be clear to the consumer? This is your purpose. 
  • Visuals. A consumer’s eyes are typically more drawn to content that has a photo or a graphic related to the piece of information. Visuals give the consumer an idea of what to expect in the process of working with you. Visuals can also put the consumer in your offices giving them a better understanding of the business you run. 
  • Relevance. With running a website comes pushing business related content out. Producing content for the consumer is a big part of running your business’ website. It is important to understand what your targeted market is looking for out of your business. Content regarding the specifics of your business builds trust with your customer which ultimately results in better business. 
  • Website navigation. This concept should be as clear and cohesive as possible. Too complicated of a site navigation can cause possible customers to choose a different company for their needs because the usability of your website became too complicated. Site navigation comes down to the little details when creating your business’ website. 

The branding of your company is important to us at Spyderserve Web Development because we strive to bring enterprise, class monitoring, and marketing techniques to small businesses. For more information on our website development services, call Spyderserve at (229) 269-4108.

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