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 The most important aspect of a website is, believe it or not, the content. Yep, that’s right! More than bells and whistles, the content is what drives people to want to do business with you. Without content, how will viewers know what you sell? 

Now, content on its own will not sell your products or services for you, but with a great web design to emphasize your content, business is sure to happen. The whole reason for a website is to be a helpful resource for your customers that will make shopping an easy and enjoyable experience. Whatever your product or service is, the goal of your website is to tell them why they should buy from you. With superb content and an eye-catching web design, your website will win the hearts of many customers.

What does web design have to do with content?

 Web design is like the wrapping paper of a website. If you had a gift wrapped in something that looks like it has been thrown together to get the job done, you probably wouldn’t want it or even try to discover its contents. However, if you were presented with a present with a clean and sleek appearance, you would be more likely to receive it. Therefore web design is super important. If your design is not up to par, your message, no matter how well written it is, will not be given a chance to shine.  

Other Functions of Web Design

The design of your website also directs viewers to resources. For example, the testimonial page or headline “Testimonials” directs viewers to the information on what others have said about your business. Viewers are likely to trust reviews from people who have used your services or products. With that said, positive reviews can ease the suspiciousness of potential customers, making them likely to buy from you. Without appropriate headlines and effective call-to-action buttons such as “learn more” or “buy now,” viewers of your website would be lost without direction.

Web design and content go hand in hand. They both depend on one another, making both equally important. If your website makes your message hard to get across, you may want to reconsider your website’s design and vice versa. The result of an effective website is a worthy investment. 

Spyderserve knows how difficult it can be to run a small business with limited resources; that is why we are committed to helping small businesses like you.  We offer web technologies and marketing concepts, growing your online presence on a budget you can afford. If you need a website, our turnkey option may be a great place to start. Contact us today to find out how we can help at 229-269-4108. 


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