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I am proud to announce the launch of the Spyderserve Business Information Plugin.  This plugin enables a straightforward interface to manage your contact information, business hours, and social media channels throughout your website.  This allows you to quickly edit your business hours for holidays or change your email quickly in one place and as soon as you save the change the

Spyderserve Business Information PluginFor example, let us say you have your business hours listed on your contact page, website footer, and on a few other content pages.  When a holiday rolls around it is important to maintain the correct business hours but do you really want to change the hours in the 3+ locations on your site?  With this plugin, you only have to adjust the hours once and everywhere that they are listed, using this plugin’s easy shortcode, will be updated!

In addition, the plugin works with Google Analytics to help measure how many times your visitor uses each piece of information.  Now you can find out just how many times that address in the footer of your site was used.

Spyderserve Business Information Plugin Output

Are you interested in using this functionality on your site?  Give us a call at (229) 269-4108 (yep, just used the plugin…) to find out all of what this plugin and Spyderserve can do for your website.

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