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If you have ever received a domain renewal notice from The United States Domain Authority, listen closely. If you have not yet received one, be on the lookout so that you do not fall into their trap.

If you have ever received a notice from the United States Domain Authority, you would know that it looks like a letter from a real U.S. organization. For those who have yet to see one; A notice from The United States Domain Authority has everything an official letter from an actual establishment would have. To make it look believable: it has a physical address, logo, and email address. The thing about the United States Domain Authority is that they reach out to people with websites that are not their customers by mail. Naturally, your domain provider would send you your notice by email, telling you about your domain’s upcoming expiration date.

You might wonder, “How did they get my information?” Which is a great question to ask. Domain companies use a non-profit organization called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that allows them to create the domain name that you purchased through their service. Information such as your address, email, number, and name is made public when registered underneath your domain provider. If you did not purchase Domain Privacy as an add-on service to keep your information private, your information is publicly available. Because your information is public, it can be easily attained by anyone who knows how to get the inside scoop.

If you have yet to come across this notice from The United Domain Authority or become unsure of whether it is from your provider or not; check with your domain provider that you registered with about your expiration date or reach out to the company that created your website.

Spyderserve wants to make sure that you are aware of this scam for your protection. If you have received a notice from the United States Domain Authority, do not fill it out or send them any information. If you would like to ensure that your information is safe, adding domain privacy (as mentioned before) will keep your information hidden from public view.

Things to keep in mind:

  •  Domain notices from your domain provider come in your email.
  • If you receive one by mail, it most likely is not from your provider.
  • If you have questions, contact your provider or person that created your website.


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