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While expressing your ideas for your website designer, there are a few design rules to keep in mind. 

  1. White space creates clarity. 

White space is the area of a page where there is nothing but the background. White space is the area where the viewer has time to think about what they have viewed. White space can be a tricky aspect of design because when used too much or in the wrong places, it can throw off the whole design of your page. 

When using white space properly, it declutters a page from the unnecessary areas that need to be separated. White space frames the areas you want communicated with your customer and mends the information on the page to the page itself. 

  1. Lead the viewer in visual hierarchy. 

Visual Hierarchy is when the designer puts the most important information either higher on the page or bigger than other information. Visual hierarchy is the way you can communicate the main purpose of your website in a visually appealing way. Size, color, placement, and white space are all factors that come into play when designing visual hierarchy.

When used properly, visual hierarchy is a great way of controlling the narrative of your website and communicating with you customers and future customers. 

  1. Typography and your brand. 

Considering what font type you want on your page can make or break the idea of your brand. Font can be a difficult decision because it will represent the impression you make on customers. The most common font type people think of is “times new roman,” but the variety of font types are endless. 

A designer must consider: 

  • Readability.
  • What is your company’s service? 
  • Balance. 

Typography can get as deep as serifs and san serifs, so it’s safe to say to think of your brand from the very beginning. 

  1. Navigation makes a difference in decision making. 

It is in people’s nature to find the easiest way of finding the information they are looking for. When clicking on a website, navigation can be the reason you have a new customer or not. Having an easily accessible website with a clear and cohesive option bar can be the reason you start to get the traffic you want. Web designers typically use real data to see what the consumer is looking for when clicking on a website as well as taking every other design factor into consideration. Navigation and communication go hand in hand and will be a major factor in the growth of your business. 

  1. Communicate. 

Communicating with your designer is important when creating the website for YOUR business. At Spyderserve, we don’t place our clients in a one size fits all mold. We want to ensure you are getting the website you want while considering all of the deciding factors in design. Communicate with you customers to see what they want. Getting into the mind of the consumer is the best way to grow your business and give your loyal customers the treatment they deserve. There are a lot of deciding factors when designing a website, but when done right, you will see the results you want in more ways than one. 

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