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Take a pick! Which would you choose? A hero that does an okay job or an amazing hero that is reliable to save the day every time? If you chose the latter, then we are on the same page! In this case, you need the perfect hero message for your website. A hero message will be that amazing hero we spoke of earlier that will best represent your business, helping customers understand what your business is all about in just one glimpse.


If you have never heard of the term “hero message” before, it is also known as a welcome or home page of any website. The first page of your website is what can make or break your chances of getting a sale from your website. According to research, 55% of people leave a website in less than 15 seconds of clicking on it, meaning that catching the viewer’s attention and keeping it is super important to your ability to make a sale. Within those 15 seconds, viewers judge a website’s credibility all based on its design, affecting the trust viewers have in your business and brand. As we have agreed, we both want the best and nothing less, so let’s go over how your small business can shine with the help of the perfect website hero message.


To create the perfect hero message, you first want to make sure that it can do these three things:

  • Clearly explain who you are as a business.
  • Clearly explain what you do.
  • Simply tell how your product can benefit your customer that reflects your product’s or service’s value.


As you brainstorm or look at your current website’s hero message, find out if your statement and supporting image(s) make your business stand out with a simple message. When choosing an image to support your hero message, you want to make sure that it is an eyecatching image that supports what you are saying in your message. For example, if your message is about how your products are environmentally friendly, you might want to choose one of your best products to showcase with images that hint at the fact that your product is environmentally friendly.


Secondly, you want to add a call to action (CTA). This action could be anything in between “Free trial” or “Sign up for our Newsletter.” Having a call to action (CTA) will help your business create or stay in conversation with the viewer to help persuade them into doing business with you. The perfect hero message will do the selling for you. So as you create your hero message, consider how you would want your products and business introduced to potential customers.


A simple and to-the-point hero message can win the hearts of many and help improve your business’s sales. The goal is to answer the questions for the customer before they get the chance to ask them: Why should they care about your products? How can it help them? And why should they trust you?


To get the most out of your website, the perfect hero message is what you need to best represent your business. If you happen to need more information on creating the perfect hero message or want to know more about how you can get a website that will represent your business well; Spyderserve is here to help! We are a web design and web hosting company that strives to help your small business thrive as we build your online presence on your budget. For more information, visit our website www.spyderserve.com or give us a call at (229) 269-4108.



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