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Colors can be associated with emotions, your industry, your brand, and aesthetics. Choosing colors can be a task that is more difficult than you think. Thinking of colors that you would like your business to be associated with can take more work than you and your team initially thought. Here are tips to think about when choosing your color themes for your business: 

  • Do not mix cool tones, warm tones, and neutrals. Although sometimes these colors can be combined, really look into how these colors fit together. Readability can sometimes be affected if the colors do not compliment one another. 
  • Study the colors your industry typically uses. This creates a theme of what your business is all about and the colors can be associated with your customers memory of your business.
  • Accessibility is important on your website. Deciding a color scheme for your website should provide enough contrast for customers who may be color-blind. This accessibility is important so they can see the contrasting colors well enough to see what the most important information on your website is. 
  • Choose photos that compliment your website’s color theme. This can be gone about in different ways.
    •  By choosing photos first that have a similar aesthetic and color theme and then going back in and choosing colors can be a valuable option because the colors are sitting right there in the photos. 
    • By choosing colors first, this makes the photo search a lot deeper but you will be able to find the photos you need with the colors you initially intended for. 

We can easily help your initial ideas of color at Spyderserve. For more information on how we can help you choose a color theme for your website, call Spyderserve at (229) 269- 4108. 

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