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Branding plays an important role in the day to day functionality of your business. Branding is a way for current and possible customers to recognize a product, service, or even post from your company. The recognition your brand has is also important to maintain across all platforms. It’s a way for your company to look official and trustworthy. 

Your team email is something that often gets overlooked because of how easily a regular email can be made. An @gmail.com or @yahoo.com appearing when mailing customers does not look official and almost has a “scam” connotation to it. Hosting your email at your domain (ex. @spyderserve.com), on the other hand, gives possible and current clients the comfort of knowing who they are talking to is real. Hosting your email at your domain is critical to the growth and success of your company in more ways than ever. 

It’s an integral part of your branding.

Branding plays an important role in the functionality of your business. Branding helps customers (old and new) recognize your brand very easily. Think of it as one of the steps you go through when “branding” your company. It’s simply and easily implemented and your previous email can link to the new branded email so you won’t miss a beat!

It’s more professional.

The professionalism linked to your email is also an important reason for hosting your email at your domain. Having the sender’s name at your company name makes it easy to distinguish who the sender is. Having an @gmail.com or @yahoo.com may be nice for the spam emails you receive, but not for a well functioning business. 

Clients won’t second guess you as a sender.

Think about a brand, small or large, that you know the color scheme of their logo or just the full name of the company. Now, imagine that same brand sent you an email with 0 brand colors in the email and the email itself was just a regular email. Would you think it’s the real deal? Probably not. This is one reason why your email should be hosted at your domain.

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