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 Hispanic Heritage Month is a month dedicated to recognizing the achievements of the Hispanic and Latino communities that have contributed to and influenced our communities. Their courageous community has triumphed through challenges and achieved much to sustain the pride of their heritage. As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close on October 15th, Spyderserve highlights one of our exceptional team members, Julio Chavez. Chavez is our integration manager that is part of the Hispanic and Latino heritage. Through his position, he has impacted small businesses and, at large, the Valdosta Community. 

In light of Hispanic Heritage month, Chavez shares with us that “Hispanic Heritage month is an opportunity to celebrate the people and events that have shaped the Hispanic and Latino culture into one which is very rich, vibrant, and worthy of being honored.” In sharing the importance of this month, Chavez mentions that “being of Hispanic and Latino heritage while living in America presents great challenges.” Such challenges include insecurities in safety, security, belonging, and respect simply because of their heritage. Despite these disadvantages, many have aspired to overcome and achieve great successes that make way for opportunities that enable them to impact their community.

 Chavez shares that the opportunity to grow and network in Valdosta has helped him feel connected. He states, “Before I joined the team, I knew very little of Valdosta. Now I can name many organizations and individuals in the area whom I have been able to help directly. I am very proud of that and grateful to Spyderserve for giving me the chance to do so. Being a member of the Spyderserve team has awarded me the opportunity to work hand in hand with local businesses, often on the ground floor, as they build to their success. This experience has been invaluable, and through it, I have met many like-minded individuals who aim to make a positive contribution to the Valdosta community.” 

In sharing the many feats of the Hispanic and Latino heritage, Julio Chavez has used his skills to contribute great success to local small businesses through this exceptional and professional work as our integration manager. In the hope to inspire others to celebrate, Chavez states, “ If you are of Hispanic and Latino heritage, I hope you get to spend the month celebrating our very special culture.” 

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