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Business to consumer marketing is the strategy a company uses to promote its products and services to individual people. Having a strategy for your B2C content marketing needs to be creative, unique, and geared specifically toward the customers. Things like creating, advertising, and selling products for customers to use in their everyday lives is a way to market your business or product to the consumer. So how can you strengthen your B2C content marketing strategy? 

Evaluate how you interact with customers, are you directly communicating with them through things like email or are you indirectly communicating through social media or your website? Either way, both of the strategies for this need have a strong presence. Evaluate your marketing strategy by answering the following questions: 

How well does your blog function?

Are you seeing results from your blog posts? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to effectively move up the search engine chain and get more traffic through your website. Create blog posts that will help boost your SEO! Check data on your rankings monthly to see how you and where your website can use a boost in ranking!

Are you provoking your audience?

Are you provoking your audience with social media posts and special offers? Provoke your audience to read the content by making social media posts or doing a special giveaway on social media. People like to get something out of the content you create, provoke them and offer them some sort of benefit 

Do you educate your audience?

Educate your audience with the content you create. You are the expert in what you are writing about so make sure your readers understand that. Provide statistics, fact, and graphics that will increase your credibility to your audience. 

Do you brag about successful projects? 

Utilize social media and blog posts to brag about your successful projects! Bragging about yourself doesn’t mean you think you’re better than anyone else, it means letting people know why they should choose your business or product. Bragging about successful projects will also help increase your credibility to possible customers or clients.

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