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Turnkey Website Solution for Small Business

The Turnkey Website Product is designed as our complete website solution by providing the tools and resources to quickly and easily keep your website polished and finally get the online exposure your company deserves. The Turnkey Website package is the complete website solution for small business and encompasses all five of the steps to a complete website that actually makes your company money.

Turnkey Continuous Improvement Process

Just imagine, being able to update your website just as easily as updating your Facebook page.  Image actually getting measurable results instead of just paying for a website that may or may not even be seen by a potential or current customer.  Imagine being able to call on your own “web guy” when you have a question or need help.  All of this and more is provided by this plan.  Your company deserves a website that works and that is just what Spyderserve provides with our Turnkey Website Solution for Small Business.

Turnkey Website Solution Features

  • Domain Name
  • Professional Hosting Managed by a Real Person
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Analytics Integration
  • Access to a Web Professional for technical support and advice*
  • SSL Certificate**
  • Google for Business Email***
  • Ecommerce Integration ****

Invaluable features such as Search Engine Optimization tools, Social Media integration, and a Content Management solution help make quick work of any content change of your site.  Start making your website work for you instead of the other way around.


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    * Access to the web professional is limited to one (1) hour per month which is typically sufficient to handle any routine content maintenance.  Any overage will be billed at a discounted hourly rate.
    ** SSL Certificate is part of the Turnkey Plus package.
    *** Google Apps for Work is a service provided by Google and will be managed by Spyderserve personnel.  A monthly per email account charge applies.
    **** E-Commerce Integration requires an additional implementation charge and is part of the Turnkey Plus E-Commerce package.

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